Galvatek is a medium sized company that, over the past 30 years, has acquired international renown within the field of heating corrosive liquids.

"Price, time delay, service and quality, make Galvatek a reliable partner."

Price management permanently improved manufacturing costs enable Galvatek to provide you with well adapted technical solutions.

Time delay and service , reactive and flexible Galvatek responds efficiently to client requirements.

Customer satisfaction surveys indicate that our customers consider us to be suppliers of quality materials capable of providing adapted technical solutions within short time limits.

Quality, investment permanent research for product improvement.
Awarded ISO 9002 certification in May 2000, our company strives to maintain client satisfaction. A set of procedures have been implemented aiming to maintain quality of service. These procedures are continually evolving in response to our clients’ needs and our will to permanently improve our service.
This system has now been validated by ISO9001:2008 certification, awarded by the LRQA. .





« Initially our range of products was destined for the electroplating industry. It gradually developed to embrace a wider market including surface treatment, storage of corrosive liquids and aquaculture.

We currently offer a range of products for heating and control and monitoring of liquids and corrosive liquids.

We provide solutions for heating and temperature maintenance in safe environments for both continuous (line treatment) and discontinuous (barrels, containers and storage tanks) processes.

Under certain circumstances we can also provide solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres. »