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General points

CALOR cartridge heaters are especially suitable for direct heating of liquids. Under certain conditions they can also be used for direct heating of non-aqueous and non-liquid media.

CALOR tube immersion heaters

(1) : heated length
(2) : non heated length


The cartridge heaters consist of ceramic groove bodies with high electrical insulation and excellent temperature fluctuation resistance.

A high temperature heating wire is fitted as a coil in order to ensure good heat radiation and a long life-span of the cartridge. There is a 50mm unheated area below.

The cartrdige can be one, two or three phases. According the operating conditions we propose several types of metallic materials with different fixings

Fixing & terminal casing

We propose different fixings & terminal casings according to your requirements


- Fixing bracket
- Welded flange or screw-on flange

CALOR tube immersion heaters

Threaded nipple

CALOR tube immersion heaters

Screw-on flange

CALOR tube immersion heaters

Welded flange

Terminal casings

CALOR tube immersion heaters

In PP : BC,

CALOR tube immersion heaters

In zinc-plated steel: B